Alsion's small classroom setting allows us to be highly adaptive and flexible in responding to the changing COVID-19 mandates.
Alsion is now fully open with 5 days a week in person instruction to encourage students to start normalizing back into a post-COVID environment.
We adhere to strict CDC guidelines of masking and social distancing to ensure safety and wellness of our students, teachers and families.

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Alsion re-opened for in-person instruction on March 29



Nestled in the foothills of Fremont, Alsion Private Middle and High School offers an affordable experiential and rigorous academic program where students  complete a challenging 3-year Middle School program designed to foster intellectual curiosity and love of learning. Then they advance to our accelerated High School program where they earn credits and gain a valuable head start on college.



We are preparing 7th -12th graders for the real world, with small class sizes, socratic discussions, collaborative projects, and individualized instruction inspired by Montessori principles. Our emphasis is on building critical skills, independence, and self-direction through original research, study of current affairs, personal  choices and activities.



At Alsion Montessori, we strive to provide our students every opportunity for real-world, experiential education that encourages them to be responsible for their surroundings and conscientious about those who are less privileged. They gain this appreciation via the annual California biome trips, extracurricular activities, and community service in and around the Bay Area.


Students in MasksAdaptive COVID RESPONSE

Our flexible, adaptive program allows us to facilitate a smooth transition to remote learning in response to COVID 19 and otheremergencies, whenever it is necessary, as well as seamless shift back to in-person instruction. This switch is easier for Alsion teachersand students because of our technologically savvy curriculum, small class sizes, highly skilled teachers, independent and self-motivated students, and involved parents.