small classFor the faculty, administration and students at Alsion Montessori in Fremont, we summarize the goals of a quality junior high school education in this sentence:

Development of the basic skills – academic, social, emotional and physical – that lead to a rewarding life in 21st century society.

Since our founding in 2001, Alsion Montessori has met the challenge of that all-encompassing statement by providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond the classroom.

Alsion Montessori’s varied curriculum builds the self-confidence of each student several ways:

  • We constantly emphasize the importance of mastering fundamental learning skills. A solid core of basic courses in English, mathematics, science, and social studies creates a strong intellectual foundation for future learning experiences.
  • Small class sizes sharpen skills required to meet project deadlines and collaborate with others. Instructors also provide help to individual students to ensure everyone learns the material.
  • Biome trips to locations in California immerse our students first-hand in the geology, natural and human history, climate, economy and environment of our state. Each trip lasts several days, enabling students to forge stronger friendships with classmates.
  • Extracurricular activities provide hands-on learning opportunities that encourage individual initiative and sound decision-making. Market Day, for example, is a showcase of students’ small business ideas. Clubs give students practical outlets to develop interests in foreign cultures, art, and the sciences. The Coffeehouse is an evening of food and entertainment organized entirely by students.

Preparing Students for High School, College, and Beyond

Alsion Montessori’s wide-ranging middle school curriculum prepares students for our academically rigorous high school, which includes college courses. Regardless of which college they attend, our graduates possess the tools needed to succeed, thanks largely to their formative experiences at Alsion Montessori’s middle school.

Our campus is located south of the 680 Freeway in Fremont, convenient for Silicon Valley commuters from nearby cities such as Milpitas, Union City, Hayward, and Pleasanton.

To learn more about the goals of a quality junior high school education at Alsion Montessori, visit the campus any time during the year. Call 510-445-1127 today to speak to an administrator.