The Alsion Early College High School is an accelerated academic program in which students complete their 10th, 11th and 12th grades at Alsion and California Community Colleges (CCC).  Each Early College student takes a combination of Alsion high-school courses and between 12 to 22 units of college courses every semester.  Aside from completing high-school requirements and accruing college credits that can be transferred to four-year colleges after they graduate from Alsion, students can choose to work for an Associate of Arts or Science degree in their chosen field of interest or expertise.  Alsion graduates are usually promoted to sophomore or junior status in their first year at university.


The Early College Student Profile

Motivated.  Responsible.  Conscientious.  Industrious.  Independent.  Incisive.  Worldly.

These are the traits we look for in our incoming students, and these are the traits we expect to hone and deepen in the three years they spend at Alsion.

The Early College Program is intense and demanding.  While students in a regular high school take one school year to master a subject, our students take 16 weeks at the collegiate level.  They also have to socialize with classmates older than they are, establish relationships with ever-busy professors and navigate the multi-fangled systems of a community college.  Our students are likewise conscious of the opportunities they can exploit: they know they can take more specialized courses than the average high-school student, and they are expected to do so.

Alsion Early College High School, therefore, isn’t for everyone.

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