The Alsion Middle School academic environment is interactive, experiential and individualized. Teachers develop detailed study guides for the syllabus at the beginning of a term, outlining key content, assignments, deadlines and exam dates. Working from these lesson overviews, students work individually and in groups. Assignments include critical review and interpretation of existing materials, creative assignments, original research and group presentations. Study guides enable students to be independent, plan their work and develop sound study habits. They eventually abandon any fear of speaking in front of a crowd, becoming confident public speakers and presenters. Working on student-led team projects gives our students practice in making a contribution toward and leading a group effort.

Our comprehensive English curriculum encompasses grammar, vocabulary, literature and writing skills. Small class sizes ensure individual attention for each child.

What best characterizes the mathematics curriculum at Alsion is that each student is enrolled in the course that best fits his or her needs, no matter the individual’s grade level.

Our science curriculum helps students develop scientific literacy, appreciation, skills through hands-on experiments, research, presentations, and field trips.

History at Alsion is thematic rather than subdivided into particular times and places. Each year has a different focus: political, economic and technological progress.

Social Science at Alsion covers the broad categories of civics, economics, and geography. Within each area students will get in-depth, hands-on learning experiences.

Students develop basic Spanish language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing, through culturally immersive projects such as cooking, music and plays.

Art is a core subject, students take art three times a week and focus on integrating topics from their other classes in order to build a stronger understanding across all curriculums.

Daily Outdoor Education (PE) at Alsion promotes healthy living, the positive effects of exercise, and sportsmanship through games played together by students of all grade levels.

Alsion rounds out a holistic curriculum by offering electives and clubs that ignite interest, deepen curiosity and broaden perspectives.