The Alsion Early College High School is an accelerated, intense and rigorous program. It provides a well-rounded and comprehensive education through foundational courses taught on campus and collegiate classes at, but not limited to, Ohlone College. After three years at Alsion, our students will fulfill the following academic requirements:

  • California Department of Education high-school graduation requisites based on Common Core State Standards
  • “A-G” subject area requirements designed by the University of California system to ensure that future UC applicants have fulfilled the minimum eligibility requirements for admission into a UC
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum courses.  These lower-division, general-education (or “breadth”) classes are taken by students who want to transfer to a University of California or California State University.  Students need to take 34 units for the UC and 37 for the CSU

Our program is best suited for students who are intellectually curious and voracious.  Fulfilling institutional requirements is not the only agenda.  Since our students take most of their classes at a community college, they have access to a more varied stable of classes then they would have at a regular high school.  This means they have the opportunity to explore more substantially their interests and be exposed to a plethora of academic pathways and pursuits.

Our high-school curriculum is a potent combination of

  • Core Curriculum Courses  Each student is required to take this suite of classes which represents the bedrock knowledge and values integral for not only scholastic success but for the formation of an informed, responsible and humane individual.
  • Advanced Courses  Classes in which students delve deeper into a specific area of study.
  • Electives  Courses that allow students to explore their myriad interests.

Students graduate from the program with 50 high-school units and 70 or more transferable college units.

High School English focuses on core courses covering English language composition and great books, with advanced courses and electives taken at Ohlone College.

Our math program offers the opportunity to build upon foundational math skills through advanced courses and elective like statistics and discrete mathematics.

Political, social, and economic drivers are examined along with a full complement of available electives in history, philosophy, sociology, journalism, and more.

Building on core courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, students delve into advanced courses and electives to deepen their understanding of these topics.

Introduction to the arts is available through core survey courses, followed by electives covering everything from drawing and design, to music, theatre, and dance.

Alsion high-school students can learn the basics of Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and American Sign Language, with opportunities for advanced learning.

A general health education is available at Alsion, with additional learning opportunities in health and related fields through adjacent Ohlone College.

Physical education promotes healthy living, the positive effects of exercise, and sportsmanship. Core courses include basketball and cardiovascular workouts.

Electives are non-required classes that allow students to explore interest in other subject areas not represented in the main high-school curriculum.