Core Courses

One of the following courses:

  • Art 100: Survey of the Arts
  • Art 101: Art: An Introduction
  • Art 103A: Survey of World Art History I
  • Art 103B: Survey of World Art History II
  • Film Studies


  • Art 106A: Descriptive Drawing
  • Art 107A: Life Drawing
  • Art 109A: Beginning Graphic Design I
  • Art 117A: Museum and Gallery Techniques
  • Art 139A: Beginning Digital Photography
  • Music 101: Music Appreciation: Western Classical Music
  • Music 110A: Music Theory and Harmony
  • Music 111A: Musicianship
  • Theatre 102: Introduction to Theatre Appreciation
  • Theatre 110: Introduction to Acting
  • Theatre 114: Acting for the Camera
  • Theatre 115A: Theatre Improvisation
  • Theatre 141A: Introduction to Ballet
  • Theatre 142A: Introcuction to Jazz Dance
  • Theatre 143A: Introduction to Tap
  • Theatre 144A: Introduction to Modern Dance
  • Theatre148A2: Introduction to Hip Hop

Note: all classes are taken at Ohlone College except the italicized courses held at Alsion