Students develop all of the basic skills, which include listening, speaking, reading and writing, for mastery of the Spanish language. In each level of Spanish, there are culturally immersive projects where students create Spanish dishes, or learn Spanish-language songs, stories and plays.

Grade 7

Seventh-grade Spanish is designed to encourage students to communicate in the target language. This first-level Spanish course will give students an approach to learning, while paying attention to the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will develop skills so that they are able to use Spanish in daily life situations and activities. They will also be involved in projects and group work.

Grade 8

This year’s course focuses on improving communicative competence. Students are expected to develop an understanding of basic written and spoken Spanish. They will also acquire understanding and knowledge of other cultures. Students will be assessed on a daily basis through tests, quizzes, and projects.

Grade 9

This course will be conducted mainly in Spanish and will include the study of cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Classes will focus on grammar instruction to build writing skills and advance students’ understanding of structure and syntax, including spelling and accentuation. Students are expected to engage in discussions, presentations, compositions, and projects.