alsion gate1 300x192The History of Mission San Jose

Alsion Montessori middle and high schools are located in the East Bay district of  Mission San Jose, named for the community that was established by Franciscan priests when California was Spanish territory.

A little history about Mission San Jose, which has a colorful past and deep ties to the Fremont area:

  • The 21 missions built in California were more than churches. They were active centers of agriculture and industry for hundreds of settlers and Native Americans. Mission San Jose was founded in 1797 and became one of the most prosperous missions due to the abundance of nearby natural resources. More than 100 adobe buildings were constructed, thousands of cattle, sheep and horses grazed on its land, and acres of wheat were cultivated.
  • In 1833, the new nation of Mexico removed California missions from control of the Catholic Church. Mission San Jose’s vast expanse was privatized into ranchos. The enormous herds were allowed to scatter and the buildings fell into disrepair.
  • During the 1848 Gold Rush, mission buildings were converted into a hotel, a market, and even a saloon. Miners hoping to strike it rich rested and purchased supplies at Mission San Jose, now a small city.
  • A powerful earthquake heavily damaged Mission San Jose’s deteriorating structures in 1868. The original church was razed and replaced with a wooden church. That building was eventually moved to San Mateo. With the financial help and expert craftsmanship of many patrons, a stunning replica of the 1809 adobe church was completed in 1985.
  • Many commuters may not realize that each day they pass a massive burial site at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway. Thousands of members of the Ohlone tribe of Native Americans are buried here. The bishop of Oakland returned the land to the tribe in the 1960s.

We’re Proud to Be Close to History

Alsion Montessori’s campus is less than a mile from the church of Mission San Jose, administered today by St. Joseph’s parish. Our founders appreciate the historical significance of this little corner of the Bay Area. The school’s name, Alsion, is what Ohlone Native Americans called the settlement that preceded Mission San Jose.

Alsion middle and high schools are located south of the 680 Freeway and convenient for commuters from neighboring cities such as Milpitas, Union City, Hayward, and Pleasanton.

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