girlWhen preparing kids for middle school, parents should keep in mind the social, academic, and practical concerns of their student.

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be daunting for an adolescent. Adjustments that seem minor to an adult, such as learning to use a locker, may be a considerable challenge to a young person entering their teenage years.

Alsion Montessori suggests parents consider each child’s personality when preparing their kids for middle school.

An anxious student, for example, may need reassurance that middle school is an opportunity to make new friends and participate in exciting extracurricular activities.

The easygoing student, on the other hand, might need an explanation of the importance of keeping to a schedule and studying hard in anticipation of high school.

Planning Ahead Makes Middle School More Enjoyable

Middle school is less stressful and more enjoyable when young people know what to expect during the upcoming school year. Parents can ease incoming students’ concerns by planning in these critical areas:

  • Talk with your child about how they can get involved in school to make friends and learn what they enjoy doing. A friendly, supportive environment promotes achievement in the classroom. School clubs and extracurricular activities such as Market Day at Alsion are an excellent way to make friends who have similar interests. Study nights mix social interaction with learning.
  • Talk with your child’s current teachers about steps your family can take in the summer to prepare. Meet with as many teachers as possible during orientations to learn about their teaching methods and academic expectations. Encourage your student to take the initiative to speak with a teacher if problems arise.
  • Where are the bathrooms? How long is the lunch period? Answering questions such as these will boost your students’ confidence in navigating what can seem like a puzzling new world. Explore the middle school buildings and campus. Walk and time the routes your child will take during a typical day.

Attending summertime orientation sessions and back-to-school nights with your child is essential. Orientations familiarize students with the campus and the adults with whom they will interact during the day.

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