We are not content to have our students work in an academic bubble.  They must be given every opportunity for real-world, experiential education, especially one that encourages them to be responsible for their surroundings, conscientious about those who are less privileged, and appreciative of how society needs their help even at such a young age.

Senior Service Weekend

Every year, the middle school’s ninth-grade class goes on a three-day-long community service trip.  In recent years, this weekend has been held in various locations like Santa Cruz and Point Reyes. Faculty is in charge of arranging what charitable activity the group will be doing.  Not only is this event a great way to serve a community—by collecting trash or disseminating sustainability information to the public—but a chance for the students to bond and work as a team.


Alsion Montessori Middle School students, in tandem with their high-school counterparts, devote time to do charity work for their community. The school has built up an active Interact club—the Rotary International service club for young people ages 12 to 18—dedicated to supporting the underprivileged and disenfranchised. Through Interact, students have been able to learn not only about local and international opportunities to give back to the less fortunate, but to develop fundraising skills for future charitable endeavors.

Feed the Hungry

The Middle School most often gives back by participating in “Feed the Hungry” held in a food bank located in the Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont.  In this event, students serve meals to the needy and bus tables.


In eighth grade, students intern in local businesses.  They gain work experience, cultivate an interest or hobby and get to help an entrepreneur thrive.  Our students have worked in veterinary clinics, flower shops, and financial consulting firms.