landing1Alsion Montessori Early College Middle School in Fremont has big plans for every one of our students.

Our administrators and faculty understand the importance of preparing students to succeed in a complex world. By setting high standards of achievement in all aspects of the academic experience, Alsion Montessori makes it possible for each student to excel in college and into adulthood.

A strong middle school sets a solid foundation of knowledge for the critical years of your child’s education. For college-oriented students, basic academic skills taught at a middle school, even those learned through elective classes, prepare them for the rigors of all types of high-level courses.

Parents have found Alsion to be the right middle school in the Bay Area for their children because we go beyond what most schools offer:

  • small classAlsion Montessori is designed to encourage strong relationships between teachers and students. Facilitated by small class sizes of 10 or fewer, teachers are able to more easily observe each student’s progress and provide individual instruction.
  • Our middle school students grow to know each other very well by the time they enter high school. Group projects and other collaborative activities such as our Biome Trips promote an atmosphere of community that is rare in either public or private schools.
  • Alsion’s Adolescent Program provides for instructing young people during a time of marked development and great distractions. Middle school students are challenged with an exciting and varied curriculum that includes core courses, clubs such as the Astrotech Group, daily gardening chores, and Market Day, an exercise in entrepreneurship.

More about Our Middle School in Fremont

Alsion Montessori was established in 2001 by parents of students who attended Montessori School of Fremont and wanted to continue its tradition of excellence.

For all its academic and extracurricular advantages, one of Alsion Montessori’s greatest attributes is its commuter-friendly location. Based in Fremont, an East Bay city of 225,000, our middle school is convenient to the communities of Hayward, Pleasanton, Milpitas, Union City, Santa Clara and to Silicon Valley.

Apply to Alsion Montessori Early College Middle School, an outstanding middle school in the Bay Area, by calling 510-445-1127. You may also contact us. Because continuity is an important part of the academic experience at Alsion, we do not accept applications for 9th grade.