small classSelecting a private middle school in the Bay Area can be an agonizing process. Parents and guardians seeking the best learning environment for a child are often overwhelmed by the questions they face and confused by the answers.

The staff at Alsion Montessori in Fremont understands how difficult it can be to pick the right middle school for a child. We want to help you in your search. In selecting a private middle school in the Bay Area, consider what Alsion Montessori has to offer:

  • An individualized learning approach. Our classes are typically no larger than 10 students, and often involve some older students. Students in our private middle school work on assignments at their own pace, interacting in small groups. The small class size enables teachers to better observe each student’s progress and offer help when needed.
  • Outstanding academics. Courses at Alsion Montessori are demanding and cover the core subjects of mathematics, social studies, science, English, foreign languages, and physical education. Students develop a variety of skills through experiential learning.
  • Parental involvement. The Alsion Community Association promotes communication between parents and the school, fundamental to a student’s progress. The ACA also assists in organizing and promoting events that benefit the school, academically and socially.
  • Extracurricular offerings. Learning at Alsion Montessori is not restricted to the classroom. Clubs and activities such as gardening, Model United Nations and World Savvy events are critical to the well-rounded development of young students. Community service, biome trips and student government also enrich the student experience.
  • College placement assistance. The campus of Alsion Montessori is adjacent to Ohlone College, which partners with us in offering classes for college credit. These credits are a major reason three out of four Alsion students are accepted at the University of California.

Preparing Adolescents for the Future

In utilizing precepts that Maria Montessori laid out more than 100 years ago, Alsion Montessori addresses the specific educational needs of adolescents. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare young people for high school, college, and life after graduation.

Our students’ achievement record after graduating from Alsion Montessori is a solid indication of the success of our school over the last 15 years.

As you go about selecting a middle school in the Bay Area for your child, discover how Alsion Montessori prepares your child for future challenges. Call us today at 510-445-1127 or contact us.