The Alsion Montessori Middle School Student Government is an entirely student-run organization that liaises between students, and teachers and staff.  As the official voice of the student body, the government can raise school-related issues, concerns and needs to instructors and administrators, and communicate any feedback to its constituents.  The Student Government is also tasked with developing student events, fundraising for these and spearheading school-wide community meetings held twice every week.  When the Early College High School who runs the school café is off for winter and spring breaks, the government is in charge of running a scaled-down version of the café.

In the past school year, aside from performing its daily duties, the Student Government has had a remarkable spate of achievements:

  • Raised $1,000 towards the summer Ex-Term to Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Made significant monetary and service contributions to the year-end Alsion Barbeque and Ultimate Game
  • Funded the feed and bedding for the school livestock
  • Increased number of social events

Elections are held every year to form the Student Government.  Nominations are made; campaigns are mounted.  All students participate in this democratic process.  The positions in the government are

President.  Leads and directs planning of student-funded events; leads community meetings; serves as main representative of the student body.  Only a 9th grader can serve in this capacity.

Vice President.  Assists the president direct community meetings; fills in for president if he or she is absent or, for whatever reason, unable to perform duties.  Only a 9th grader can be Vice President.

Secretary. Takes the minutes of meetings; makes notations of final planning and budget.  No grade restriction for this position.

Treasurer. Performs all budgetary duties; informs president of past expenditures and profits; runs the cash register when the government has sales; submits funds to moderator for bank deposit.  No grade restriction for this position.

Grade Representatives. Each grade-level can elect one representative to the government.  Each representative communicates grade-specific needs and requests to the government, participates in government meetings, and assists in set up of events.

The Student Government is moderated by Ms. Jennifer.