study center 2.jpg 300x224Answering the Question: Do Grades Matter in Middle School?

With high school still in the future and college years away, some young students may wonder –  Do grades matter in middle school?

The teachers at Alsion Montessori say, “Yes, grades matter in middle school”.

Here’s why:

A student’s middle school grades are a strong indication of high school academic performance, primarily because they reflect the student’s work ethic. Hard-working students understand that disciplined study habits produce consistently good grades.

Middle school students who make earning high marks a priority are likely to thrive in college and in the workplace, too.

Good grades also boost confidence. Real achievements, not slogans, build the self-esteem that helps overcome the many obstacles students will encounter in high school and college.

Energetic young people also require healthy, well-rounded diets. They’ll feel better when sweet snacks, sugary drinks, and fast-food meals are limited.

Grades Are Just One Measure of Growth

Alsion Montessori provides a well-rounded learning environment. While grades matter in middle school, our faculty, administrators, and parents work together to create a diverse curriculum that promotes social and academic development both inside and outside the classroom.

Our middle school students expand their horizons with hands-on activities such as:

  • Biome trips. California’s various geographic regions offer opportunities for in-depth study of the environment, human history, animal life, climate, geology, and more. Learning experiences take place in desert, mountain, and coastal biomes.
  • Students nurture an on-campus garden every day of the school year. In addition to learning about horticulture, students care for chickens and manage the sale of organic eggs to the public.
  • Model United Nations. This project requires students to learn about an adopted country over several weeks and act as delegates at a model UN conference.
  • Organizations that cater to special interests help students sharpen their skills. For example, students in the popular art club refine their drawing or painting talents with a goal of displaying or even selling their work.

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At Alsion Montessori, we believe grades do matter in middle school. Our mission also includes extracurricular activities aimed at developing the hearts and minds of young people.

Learn how our private school educates today’s adolescents. Contact Alsion to schedule a visit to our Fremont campus, located south of Mission San Jose. Call 510-445-1127 today.