landing1A few of the elements that make Alsion Montessori middle school the best private school in Fremont for your child:

  • Administrators, faculty and parents who share the same goals. A teamwork approach has served Alsion well since the school was founded in 2001. Teachers and administrators are committed to involving parents in every step of a student’s journey at Alsion. Through regular meetings of the Alsion Community Association, parents participate in the planning of projects, formulation of policies, and discussion of important issues.
  • A focus on individual students. As young people in 7th through 9th grade grow in self-awareness, their talents become more apparent. At this critical stage of their lives, students are encouraged to explore Alsion clubs and school activities that help them develop both emotionally and academically. Class sizes are also much smaller than in many middle schools, so Alsion instructors are frequently able to help students on a one-on-one basis.
  • A varied curriculum. An Alsion Middle School education extends far beyond the classroom. Our biome trips to far corners of California, internships at local businesses, and Market Day provide students with real-world opportunities for social and academic growth.

Enrollment in Alsion Montessori Middle School also gives your child an inside track to moving on to Alsion’s high school, which provides an accelerated academic program to prepare students for college.

You Can Afford the Best Private School in Fremont

Many Bay Area parents who want their child to attend the best private school in Fremont have concerns over affordability and accessibility.

Tuition at Alsion Montessori is reasonable for private schools in our area. Given the high level of academics, our tuition is an outstanding value.

Alsion Montessori is Close to Hayward, Union City and Warm Springs

Our location in Fremont is an easy commute from these nearby cities and those living within zip codes 94539 and 94538. This is also convenient for parents who wish to attend the many school functions held each year.

Schedule a discussion of your child’s future with a representative of Alsion Montessori’s middle school, the best private school in Fremont. Call 510-445-1127 today.