ipad and iphone apps 300x269As technology continues to grow and popularize, so too has its use in the classroom. There are hundreds of online apps that are available to students as valuable learning tools. Alsion Montessori Middle School knows that these apps can be of great help to students who have interest in learning outside of school hours.

We want our students to enjoy what they are learning and that is why we believe using apps for lessons is helpful. We know that the while much of curriculum-based learning occurs in classrooms, these apps encourage students to engage in lessons outside of classrooms in a fun way that will stick with them.

landing1What qualities should a private middle school offer?

Alsion Montessori we want you to understand what to look for when researching private middle school options for your child. Your child deserves the best education possible and that means you need to understand what a private middle school can and should offer.

In the Bay area, Alsion dedicates itself to providing an education that stimulates and grows students both emotionally and academically. The right learning space is vital for middle school students in order to help them thrive. Our private middle school offers:

MiddleSchool1 e1380135723918 300x225Fremont plans to integrate 6th graders into existing Junior High schools over the next 4 years. This has many benefits for students, but it also comes with potential pitfalls during the transition period.

Let’s look at this integration of students in the public-school system and compare how students at Alsion Montessori receive a superior education. Thanks to its established 3-year middle school curriculum, prospective Alsion students will avoid the downsides of a new school structure, instead stepping our reputable and experienced hallways.

capitolThe transition from middle to high school marks an important time in every student’s life. Just as a fulfilling high school experience prepares students for college, a successful middle school experience prepares students for high school. Of all Fremont area middle schools, Alsion Montessori offers a unique education for students that focuses on a broad range of subjects and learning strategies.

We understand that middle school-aged children are growing socially as well as physically and that’s why our program focuses on education both inside and outside the classroom.

study center 21 300x225People have argued for years over the differences between private schools and public schools. Both have their benefits, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. What matters is finding the best educational experience for your child.