booksChoosing books for your middle schooler to read is a challenging task that can reap delightful rewards.

The faculty at Alsion Montessori Middle School emphasizes reading. Our curriculum requires each student to read a variety of books during their middle school years.

Reading should extend beyond the classroom, however. In general, youths who are enthusiastic readers are better writers, achieve higher grades, and have broader perspectives on life.

study center 2.jpg 300x224Answering the Question: Do Grades Matter in Middle School?

With high school still in the future and college years away, some young students may wonder –  Do grades matter in middle school?

The teachers at Alsion Montessori say, “Yes, grades matter in middle school”.

small classA Few Reasons to Consider Private Junior High School for Your Child

For parents searching for a quality education, there are alternatives to public schools in the Bay Area. You should be aware of the many compelling reasons to consider private junior high school for your child.

girlTo counter the dismaying trend of young people using coffee, sodas, and energy drinks to stay stimulated throughout the day, the staff at Alsion Montessori in Fremont suggests several ways your students can boost their energy without caffeine.

A Pediatrics magazine study reports consumption of caffeine is growing among teens. Our concern is that caffeine may adversely affect our students’ sleep patterns. Adequate rest is very important to the health of young people.

century kidsTo succeed in the classroom, middle and high school students need the right fuel for body and mind.

Families with busy schedules often find it easier to eat out, or rely on processed or microwavable foods for meals. However, with a little planning, you can provide your children with a healthy diet for studying at school and at home while promoting good eating habits for a lifetime.