studentsAlsion Montessori’s tips for middle school student’s study habits help our pupils develop an organized, effective approach to learning.

Middle schoolers with good study habits are better able to resist the lure of the internet and texting. Good study habits also pay dividends later in life. Young people who rely on solid study skills that they learned in middle school will find high school and college curriculums, as well as major projects in the workplace, less stressful.

study center 21 300x225Students who develop good study habits in middle school are well prepared for the tough school assignments that await them in high school and college.

It’s up to you to instill in your children the basic study habits that promote discipline and enable them to remain competitive with their hard-working classmates. This list of the best study habits for junior high students is the foundation for future academic success:

study center 2.jpg 300x224Young People Need to Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep makes a big difference in the performance of Alsion Montessori middle school students.

The results of many studies lead to an unmistakeable conclusion: A lack of sleep is taking a toll on the lives of our young people. Consider the findings of studies conducted in the last 10 years and information provided by Stanford University’s Sleep Disorder Clinic:

How to Evaluate the Bay Area’s Top Private Schools

alsion gate1 300x192Parents who wish to enroll their children in one of the top private schools in the Bay Area have many factors to consider.

The cost of tuition is a major concern for many parents. A family must decide for itself what it is worth paying to send a child to a private middle school. Alsion Montessori in Fremont offers a tuition structure we believe helps make the school an outstanding overall educational value.

However, there are additional aspects you may consider when deciding which of the top private schools in our area will best prepare your middle school student for success in high school and beyond.

landing1The administrators and faculty at Alsion Montessori have created a curriculum that acknowledges the great importance of middle school in the growth of your child.

We view the transition of children ages 13to 15 years old from elementary school to middle school as an opportunity to teach students how to lead happy, productive lives. Although young students are experiencing dramatic physical and emotional changes, most are engaged and eager to learn.

Alsion Montessori Middle School helps them with a well-balanced curriculum that encourages positive relationships and inspires self-confidence. By effectively answering the challenges of teaching adolescents, we prepare them for the rigors of high school and the challenges of life in the 21st century.